Taffy on a string

“Today is a taffy on a string type day” my daughter-in-law announced from the living room.
I was in my granddaughter's room getting her ready for her doctor's appointment- her 12-month check-up. My brain starts processing the words.  Taffy on a string.  What does that mean? Is it a New England phrase?  Does it mean you are trying to make progress but keep getting stuck?  Is there something about the day that is elusive?

As I was about to ask her what a "taffy on a string type day" means, she says “Don’t you think bringing her paci is a good idea?”  

Oh, now it begins to make sense.  Paci on a string.  Her pacifier. Bring her pacifier in anticipation, so she can soothe herself when she gets her shot.  Yes, it is a pacy on a string type day.  

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