Around the (Kitchen) Table

Seven months have passed since we gathered around the kitchen table. It started with the demolition of the kitchen space.  In preparation of the project, the dining room table and chairs were given away.  The kitchen table and chairs were then moved to the smaller dining room area along with stacks of kitchen items waiting for their new home in the kitchen renovation. 

It's been five months since the big reveal of the finished project.  Slowly the items on the table that used to be in the kichen, found their way to new spaces in the kitchen.  Yet the table that used to be in the kitchen has a new home in the dining room.  

Five months plus three days of having a large empty space for the colorful mat that the grandbaby is placed on, as she uses the area to learn how to sit, crawl, stand, and play in the kitchen, where the table used to be.  

Three days ago, the need to have all of us around the table to celebrate the holiday.  My husband and I put the leaf back in the table that used to be in the kitchen, now stationed in the dining room.  A Bumbo seat is attached to one of the chairs.  The grandbaby is now a toddler ready to take her seat at the table.  As I look around the table, I notice her looking at each person seated at the table.  She waves and greets each one of us with a smile.  Nothing like sitting around the table with those you love. 

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