I love reading. 
I love getting book recommendations. 
I love that I can request books from the public library using my phone, no matter where I am. As soon as I hear a title, I can request it, and I do, multiple times during the day. 
I love that I get a voicemail and a text when my requested books come in. 
I love that they patiently wait for me to swing by and pick them up. 

My book love is a whirlwind romance. As soon as I pick up a new book, that is the book I want to commit my time to.  The previous books, both in the process of being read and the ones that are now piling up, get left behind in a variety of places-- my nightstand, my bag, the backseat of my car, my trunk.  

I just received a voicemail.  I have a book waiting for me.  What am I going to tell the other books?   

3 responses to “Attention”

  1. Cute post. I, too, almost can’t wait for the next book even when I’m currently in one. I love book recommendations and reading the NYTimes book review, and I open up emails from book stores to plan my next book. Here’s to your next read.

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